Vasil Kulakov. PHP-developer. Team-lead.

I'm a russian citizen. I don't support my government in an action, they call "special millitary operation in Ukraine". It's a shame what they do. It's a crime what they do. I've never voted for any of them. But they siezed my country and now they try to sieze a country of my friends, my neighbours and my relatives. Russians against the war.

9 facts about me

  1. I was born in the winter of 1987 in Moscow region. My parents were physicists.
  2. Since my childhood I loved computers theme and whatever connected to these.
  3. I sold my first program in 9th grade.
  4. The university I passed was MEPhI.
  5. I passed an exam and an interview to special IBM group in my university.
  6. I was the best student in my group in computer science.
  7. The second higher education I got, was economics and management.
  8. I speak English good enough to work in international teams (level B2).
  9. Professional PHP-coder. Communicative. Non-smoking.

Key skills and experience

Technologies used

The list of technologies and tools with which I used to work is quite extensive, so that below are only those technologies that I use every day in my professional activity.

Deatiled information about my professional experience you can find on the LinkedIn profile